Woodpressed Groundnut Oil Premium Quality – Natural Kolhu, Ghani, Chekku, Kacchi

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Woodpressed GroundNut Oil, purest form of groundnut oil made from the finest groundnuts available for a healthier diet.

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If you are looking for some affordable food products that are high in proteins, you need to choose the wood-pressed groundnut oil. Since this oil is wood-pressed, all the nutritional value of the groundnut and its oil remains intact. This is the best natural oil that can be used inside your kitchens for cooking.

  • The oils have natural sterols that are good for the heart and the entire cardiac system.
  • It has high proteins and this keeps the body metabolism high.
  • The wood-pressed groundnut oil is naturally prepared with the best groundnut seeds and all of its nutrition value is not tampered.
  • The groundnut oil is best for deep frying and it adds a better flavor to your
  • Store the oil in a stainless container for it to remain fresh and nutritious.
  • The pure form of groundnut oil is available for you at a great discounted price

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1000ML – Rs.300

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